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welcome to ignite. we're a real life site located in the beautiful city of los angeles. for the last two years now we have been open and active. ignite has a huge community, with amazing members committed to their plots and characters. come join our diverse community and submerge in the beautiful world of ignite your bones.
ignite your bones
muses played
galen, cyrus 42 he/him c.e.o giordano, lorenzo 42 he/him politician wood, benjamin 46 he/him club owner chakraborty, ana 32 she/her paranormal investigator castillo, duncan 30 he/him bodyguard king, calvin 37 he/him director
hey guys, i'm tana one of the resident administrators of ignite. i'm code, i gif, and i generally help around the site with whatever you may need. i'm into marvel and comicbooks, so if you ever wanna talk/rant about the stupidity of mcu and the mistreatment of my smol child tony stark, pls holla at me. i'm open to all sorts of plots, aus, and whatever else. just send me a shout on discord and we'll hatch something out! my discord is tana#0507.
coding admin 26 years old located in new york on est goes by tanalicious
muses played
galen, penny 33 he/him secretary king, sawyer 33 he/him nightclub owner addison, gideon 37 he/him dean of medicine wood, ali 46 he/his vice president stark, sophia 31 she/her campaign manager cox, marley 30 she/her actress
hi guise, i'm jamie. one of two original creators of ignite, it's been my baby from day one, and i've never stopped falling in love with it. my wife, tana, is literally the other half of my heart. she inspires me every single day. aside form that, i'm in nursing school and work full time, both of which keep me hella busy. i'm always on discord, tho, so hit me up if you need anything!
aesthetics admin 26 years old located in iowa on est goes by jamison
muses played
buchanan, cora 25 she/hers professional dumbass cruz, estela 23 she/hers dancer/cam girl davis, brynn 25 she/hers teacher jensen, elise 26 she/hers nurse kruger, nadia 36 she/hers nursing home administrator michaels, brea 22 she/hers student/waitress thatcher, eleanor 23 she/hers painter whittemore, juliette 31 she/hers film producer wild, ava 29 she/hers personal assistant
i'm kay, ignite's resident pain in the ass admin. i've been rping for 2469083409638409 years and have been on ignite for almost 2 years now. this is my home and i love every second that i've been here. i'm here for all of your crazy, wild plot ideas. or for anything else you might need. don't be afraid to hit me up for damn near anything. i'm always available to chat!! so hmu~ idk what else to write. i love the show friends and harry potter. that is all bye
advertising admin 24 years old located in illinois on central timezone goes by kay
muses played
banks, robin 27 she/her dance instructor blukowski, novak 32 he/him cafe/bar owner de torres, alonzo 29 he/him tattoo artist dupont, jonas 50 he/him chef hovech, huck 35 he/him vet powell, arlen 27 she/her usaf tsgt russo, valerie 27 she/her actress trudeau, maurizio 31 he/him storage locker buyer zavala, marcelena 30 she/her novelist locklear, ivory 24 she/her firefighter/anw
hello hello! i'm aaron and yes if you call me ay ay ron, i'll most likely respond because i love that key & peele 'substitute teacher' skit. i'm an incredibly awkward person but i'm pretty easy to talk to. i'm a married military member so i'm in the pacific timezone but i work night schedules. bob and tina belcher is a great way to understand who i am, but if you ever need anything whether it be plots or help, feel free to hit me up on private message or on discord. (aaron#7023)
security admin 25 years old located in california on pst goes by aaron
muses played
barrett, jensen 26 he/him tattoo artist cruz, gabriela 23 she/her student + bartender de torres, felix 29 he/him bartender markovic, shawn 37 he/him bar owner mendoza, allison 27 she/her bakery owner morgan, keith 36 he/him firefighter oakley, charlotte 22 she/her student + store clerk rousseau, noelle 22 she/her gaming streamer / youtuber schwartz, elizabeth 22 she/her actress veisi, naomi 32 she/her morning talk show host vinter, josephine 28 she/her chef warren, preston 36 he/him mechanic zhao, autumn 25 she/her student + waitress
hey hey everyone!! i'm marie and i'm twenty-four years old. i live in the extremely boring state of ohio, located in the midwest of the united states. i'm currently a junior studying for my psychology degree and one day hope to work as a counselor to troubled youth. i love reading, writing, and playing video games in my downtime. nine times out of ten, i'm playing a video game if i'm not flailing about on ignite lmao. at the moment i'm currently unemployed, but i'm hoping to change that soon! i'm a proud cat mother and i will show you pictures of my smol child if you ask tbh. i'm into a ton of different fandoms so chances are, i'm into the same thing as you! pls feel free to message me for my discord and we can seriously chat about anything, whether it's plotting, our muses, mutual interests, etc. if you don't have discord, i'm just a pm away! i adore you all and can't wait to get to know those of you that i might not know well yet!! <3
coordinator admin 24 years old located in ohio on eastern timezone goes by marie
muses played
jain, parina 22 she/her student hamada, shahzar 26 he/him digital media attorney loures, zahra 23 she/her athlete castillo, xavier 26 he/him conman sherzai, amir 25 he/him aerospace engineer dzubenko, oliel 18 he/him prostitute ahane, tristao 26 he/him personal trainer
hello everyone! i'm radhika though i usually go by rad (except in the cbox where i have my pretty gradient). i'm in school for my masters in human rights, and i work part time for the international rescue committee. i have waaay to many characters, and love star trek more than life itself. priyanka chopra is my ride or die. if you want to talk to me about anything at all please don't hesitate to message me on the site or hit me up on discord @ rad™#4631.
strategy admin 26 years old located in san francisco on pst goes by rad
muses played
bowman, chandler 21 he/him doggysitter dominguez, rafael 18 he/him street musician kane, daniel 32 he/him front desk secretary knox, donovan 25 he/him mechanic & professional asshole lancaster, ava-marie 26 she/her cam girl/stripper moore, gabriel 18 he/him baker wallace, zachariah 18 he/him gymnastics instructor
hey everyone! if you don't know me by now, my name is alyssa. i've been on ignite for about a year and a half now, and i love making everyone feel welcome! i currently have a full time job and i'm studying to be a chemical dependency professional part time! i have a cat named s'mores (and i love sharing pictures so honestly tell me and i'll send about a million). i love writing and goofing around, but most importantly, i love all of you guys! if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just need someone to chat with or vent to, please hit me up on discord (alyssa#9371) or PM me!
organization admin 23 years old located in seattle on PST goes by alyssa
muses played
beaumont, william 44 he/him ceo caldwell, alexander 45 he/him plastic surgeon cassidy, tierney 45 he/him bar owner de marigny, laurent 40 he/him art dealer gardiner, cassandra 40 she/her socialite goodwin, oliver 38 he/him psychiatrist grey, killian 24 he/him bar owner guthrie, bailey 22 she/her fashion intern jacobs, christian 42 he/him priest kalita, mikhail 48 he/him neurologist king, travis 24 he/him secretary knox, asher 38 he/him retired miltary lee, jayden 28 he/him idek moreau, amina 36 she/her artist & mother romonov, micah 21 he/him ballet dancer sokolov, leyla 21 she/her drifter thompson, gaige 29 he/him investor thompson, leo 40 he/him lawyer watkins, scott 40 he/him fbi agent
what's upppp! my name's kayla but you can call me kaytoo or if you really wanna get on my good side fairy queen. as you can tell i am against all things extra and over the top. jk. i survive on glitter dust, smut and champagne. i work in an office doing admin work and posts when i can. i'm originally from new jersey but moved to ireland six years ago where i met and fell in love with my beautiful wife. sooo cuuute. i live off dark triggering plots and am always down for a good rf thread! if you ever have any problem, concerns, questions or just feel like gabbing feel free to add me on discord at: (kaytoo#6970). happy lurking!
spooky admin 28 years old located in dublin on gmt goes by kaytoo
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 welcome new members!, a newbies guide
hello and welcome
First off, since you're brand new to this wonderful community, welcome to IGNITE-RP. The purpose of this thread is to provide our new members with a little 'Welcome to the Community" welcome basket.

Coming into any new environment where connections between members and characters have already been established can be intimidating, but hopefully we can make you feel integrated a lot faster.

Included in this thread are quick and helpful links to help you get to where you need to go. Plotting, open threading, and other fun ways to develop your character. Also are some tips and tricks that will help make IGNITE seem less daunting. Finally, if you took a look at our points shop, you'll have come across some pretty amazing prizes and in your welcome basket we're offering some coupons* for those prizes.

Helpful Links
These links should help you get around IGNITE faster and help you get started with plotting your new character out.

Points Shop
Graphics Request Shop
Frequently Asked Questions
Help Center Members Directory


Open Threads
Job Directory
Want Ads
Development Forums


one two three four five six seven

tips and tricks
You've just made your character and you're ready to start plotting, writing and getting them involved but you're unsure of how to start? It can be hard at first but here are some great ways that can help you're brand new character feel a part of the roleplay:
  • Join the Discord Server: Our server has awesome channels such as → general chat, status updates, open comms & threads, a place for you to link your shipper and more! People are always posting in these channels and it'll give you a good direction on where to go.
  • Check out the "Newbie Guide" Channel: We have a new channel that has great resources and fast links.
  • Cbox: If you don't have a discord, (you should totally get one, cause it's awesome) then there's always the cbox. Our admin team and members are welcoming and happy to talk to you if you wanna chit chat or plot.
  • Open Comms/Threads: Everyone is always posting up open comms/threads and jumping right into one is a great way to just get the ball rolling. You'll find yourself just flowing and checking out their shipper and plotting things out. Also starting your own open comms/threads is a great way to get started!
  • Posting in Shippers: Hit up people's shippers. Take the time to plot with different people. Everyone is friendly and everyone loves to plot. If you don't hear back from them in a couple of days, don't be afraid to send out a message to let them know, sometimes people just don't realize they're shipper was written in.
  • Check out the events: There is always something going on every month. Whether it be an event, challenge, prompt, competition or some combination of everything, it's something that is there for you to join in on. With new templates and incentives, it's another place you can be creative or answer a possibly open thread.
  • Spam Spam Spam: Go ahead and head over to the development forum. There are plenty of ways to develop your character and you can just spam the noodles out of your character. Earn some extra points and maybe upgrade your character to a premium member group or use an exclusive shipper for your next character. Pin your shipper, whatever you want, but the development forum is a fun way to do so.
  • above all
    Welcome again to IGNITE and if you have any questions please feel free to message any member of the admin staff and we'll be more than happy to help!

    - Admin Team

    *note: coupons will be messaged to members after they've joined and can only be redeemed after the approval of your first character
    ignite your bones
    Apr 25 2017, 12:21 AM //
    created & written by aaron
    127 posts made 160150 points earned 250 years old goes by he/him settled in pst reach me at aaron#7023 ask first for mature themes joined on 14-March 17 sorted in directors
    pumpkin king 100 years old he/him pumpkin king pansexual Aries
    in love christmas
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