close tana [tah-nah] admin who directs, creates, and deletes the site. i.e: piping hot mess
hey doll faces. most of y'all know who i am, but for those who don't, i'm one of the two founding admins / creators of the site. ignite has been my baby for more than two years and each day goes by, i love it more and more. my wife, jamie and i began ignite on a whim and now, we can't imagine our lives without it. anyway, aside from ignite, i code, i gif, and i'm pretty much the biggest tony stark stan you'll ever fucking meet in your life.
aanash talwar aiden clark anamika chakraborty benjamin wood caelum sanders cain marshall calvin king cyrus galen duncan castillo james rogers kunal rivers logan addison lorenzo giordano rajesh singh
close jamie [jay-mee] admin that designs, colors, and creates. i.e: aesthetic god.
hi guise, i'm jamie. one of two original creators of ignite, it's been my baby from day one, and i've never stopped falling in love with it. my wife, tana, is literally the other half of my heart. she inspires me every single day. aside form that, i'm in nursing school and work full time, both of which keep me hella busy. i'm always on discord, tho, so hit me up if you need anything!
alastair wood blair knox ezra wolfe gideon addsion luciano vicario malachi hawthorne malcolm giordano marley cox penny galen sawyer king sebastian flynn sophia stark tobias dubois tristan mott
close kayleen [k-leen] admin that advertises, plots, and cleans, ie, mommi admin
i'm kay, ignite's resident pain in the ass admin. i've been rping for 2469083409638409 years and have been on ignite for almost 2 years now. this is my home and i love every second that i've been here. i'm here for all of your crazy, wild plot ideas. or for anything else you might need. don't be afraid to hit me up for damn near anything. i'm always available to chat!! so hmu~ idk what else to write. i love the show friends and harry potter. that is all bye
ava wild brea michaels brynn davis cora buchanan elise jensen estela cruz isobela pavlovsky juliette whittemore nadia kruger
close aaron[Air-ron] admin that makes graphics, cleans, and nerds out i.e: hype god
hello hello! i'm aaron and yes if you call me ay ay ron, i'll most likely respond because i love that key & peele 'substitute teacher' skit. i'm an incredibly awkward person but i'm pretty easy to talk to. i'm a married military member so i'm in the pacific timezone but i work night schedules. bob and tina belcher is a great way to understand who i am, but if you ever need anything whether it be plots or help, feel free to hit me up on private message or on discord. (aaron#7023)
robin banks novak blukowski alonzo de torres jonas dupont huckleberry hovech arlen powell valerie russo marcelena zavala
close marie [muh-ree] admin that harmonizes, chaperones, and maintains order. i.e: analytical goddess.
hello friends!!! my name is marie and you might recognize me. i was an admin before but took a hiatus for a couple of months but i'm baaaaack. i'm currently an unemployed bum living with my family but i'm hoping to get a job soon tbh. i'm also a college student rn studying for my bachelor's degree in psychology. i'm a cat mother and a video game fanatic. chances are if i'm not on ignite, i'm trolling around in a video game lmao. feel free to pm me about anything!! i do ask that you pm me for my discord tho.
anthony lacroix autumn zhao felix de torres jensen barrett naomi veisi noelle rousseau preston warren safia nazari-klein
close steph [s-t-eh-f-uh] admin that creates, motivates, and runs only on coffee 24/7. i.e: the 'i said what i said' goddess.
hey i'm stephanie, but y'all can call me steph. i've been around ignite 5ever. uuhhh i hate bio's. i'm pretty chill asf fuck to talk to, so don't hesitate to contact me via my staff account or discord: steph #9233. so on that note for the sake of filling out this box to look like i have so much to say, i'll lead us into some good ol' music. lil boogie down basic bitch thinkin' she back back to back, oh you mean, back to wack? "back to back"? me and drizzy laughed at that. they say numbers don't matter but when they discussin' the kings. they turn around and say lebron ain't got 6 rings.
reggie donocan bowtis wood laura palmer bernie jackson beatrice galen isidora hernandez katarina nazario billie ade
close radhika [rha-DHEE-kha] admin that codes, governs, and delegates. i.e: quixotic goddess.
hello everyone! i'm radhika though i usually go by rad (except in the cbox where i have my pretty gradient). i'm in school for my masters in human rights, a part time research assistant at stanford and i work for the international rescue committee. i have waaay to many characters, like tequila a little too much, and love star trek more than life itself. if you want to talk to me about anything at all please don't hesitate to message me on the site or hit me up on discord @ rad™#4631.
hakan seung xavier castillo zahra pau tristao ahane ulfred banks oliel dzubenko joel quyen amir sherzai
close alyssa [uh-li-suh] admin that organizes, regulates, and fine tunes the site. i.e.: excel goddess.
hi all! if you don't know me, my name is alyssa! ignite has been my home since the day that i got here, and i'm so happy that i pushed away my apprehension about the site and joined! i'm 23 years old and really good at being awesome. i have a full time job, and i go to school part time, as well as really enjoy writing and making ignite inclusive and fun for everyone! i have a beautiful daughter named s'mores (ok she's actually a cat but... she's my cat daughter.). I'm an all around animal lover so honestly, send me all the pictures of your animals and i'll send you mine as well. i'm always here for any needs or wants that you have, just hit me up on discord or PM!
ava-marie lancaster chandler bowman daniel kane donovan knox gabriel moore rafael dominguez tavita mataese jr zachariah wallace
close kaytoo [kay - two] admin that peace-keeps, writes and covers everything in glitter. i.e.: fairy smut queen
what's upppp! my name's kayla but you can call me kaytoo or if you really wanna get on my good side fairy queen. as you can tell i am against all things extra and over the top. lolol. i survive on glitter dust, smut and champagne. i work in an office doing admin work, and posts when i can >.>. i'm originally from new jersey but moved to ireland six years ago where i met and fell in love with my beautiful wife. sooo cuuute. i live off dark plots and am always down for a good plot or a thread!feel free to add me on discord at: kaytoo#6970. happy lurking!
alexander caldwell amina moreau bailey guthrie killian grey leo thompson tierney cassidy travis king william beaumont
close credits [ˈkredət] don't inspire, recreate, or copy the style of ignite. i.e: don't be an asshole.

IGNITE YOUR BONES for making our site more aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, we're shouting out to the members who support us every single day! Your amazing characters, writing, and devotion keep us going, and we can't thank you enough!! has been a collaboration since the beginning. The conception and subsequent formation of the community, codes, and skin were created by Jamie (aesthetics and design) and Tana (coding). We also want to thank Font Awesome

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 HAPPY AUGUST!, #check this out #important
happy august!
full steam ahead
Hello, IGNITERS!!!! It's August and do you know what that means?? It's time for a brand new skin! As always, the amazing skin was done Tana and Jamie so give those two kudos for all of the hard work that went into the skin. While the staff team has been hard at work making sure there are no bugs, that isn't always the case, so if you do find any bugs, please post them HERE so that someone can fix it asap!

Some of you may have noticed two new fields added, awards and member directory. To make things easier, we ask that you do link your member directory in all of your characters' profiles so that people have an easy time finding you and who all you play, especially if you don't have a tracker!

The awards have been in the making for a while and we're so pleased to announce that they're ready to go!!! Much like you may have seen on other sites (resource sites or otherwise), the awards features highlights your list of accomplishments on IGNITE! Henley won a custom award from the discord quick incentive flame challenge and Rosie won a custom award from the 150k challenge. We'll be introducing more custom awards as we go on and plenty of challenges will have a reward in the form of an award for your custom profile so don't fret on how to earn them! Just be on the lookout for challenges and events with awards and you can earn them in no time at all! To find out more about awards, please read THIS announcement explaining them in depth!

There are more member groups added so go ahead and take a look HERE to check them out! The newest groups are our platinum member groups and those additions are crime (big shout out to Rosie for being the first person to submit their entry for the 150k challenge and getting to choose one of our newest member groups!) and superhero, which can only be used if you complete 1,500 development posts. No need to worry though because this month, we've got so many challenges where you can knock out challenges and earn the new member groups simultaneously! As of now, musical, noir, satire, and scifi may now be earned by posting 500 development posts and a simple post in the points shop alerting the admins that you have won any of those groups! As always, for earning any of our elite and platinum member groups, there is no spamming allowed. Use multiple images - not just one!

Now onto the events and challenges! August is chock full of challenges for you to compete in!!! Things are slightly different this month because the goal is to complete all eight development challenges to win the GRAND PRIZE!! You can read more about our fun, exciting development challenges HERE with links inside to all of the new development challenges! These challenges will run from August 5th to September 5th at 11:59 PM EST so get to it!

Because of how many challenges we've got going this month, we went easy on y'all for the events! We've still got the sub-forums open for the California Express, located right HERE. The lovely Gigi has paid for and organized a Rooftop Gig event, which is located HERE! There is also going to be a character auction sign up for characters using masculine pronouns located HERE, funded by the lovely Roxy!

Have a fantastic and crazy month of August, IGNITERS!!!

Should you have any questions or concerns about the items covered in this announcement, please contact a staff member!

ignite your bones
they call me"autumn"
los angeles, ca
los angeles, ca
chloe bennet
AUTUMN ZHAO 25 years old student + waitress she/her bisexual (closeted)
rape, incest, domestic abuse, animal abuse, drunk driving, sibling death
played by marie 24 she/her eastern pm for discord no thnx
22080 posts // 165484300 points
Aug 4 2017, 11:46 PM //
Whoa, Nelly! It seems like this event annoucement has been archived. But worry not, if this was executed in error, please let an admin know and we will rectify the situation at once.
they call me"c"
san francisco, ca
hollywood hills
justin baldoni
married to: tbd
CEASER TRUDEAU 33 years old stay at home dad he/him bisexual
played by rad 26 she PST rad™#4631 yes
15296 posts // 3012500 points
Aug 25 2017, 04:59 PM //
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