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happy birthday!
welcome to ignite! we are officially three years old and booming in activity! currently we're located in los angeles, california, but occasionally, we have events that take place in other big cities. birthday month means we have lots of surprises and gifts to give to you and watch out for many quick incentives coming your way! we love you, remember to sign in with all of your accounts and stay active!
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coding admin "i can do this all day."
sup guys, i'm tana, one of the founding administrators of ignite. i'm usually around the site doing idle shit here and there, so if you ever need me, give me a shout on my discord, it's tana#0507. besides rp (which i hardly get the chance to do anymore since i'm so fucking busy. fuck u real life), i code, i made gifs, and occasionally i go on highkey very angry rants about marvel that usually end in a lot of upset feelings. i'm a huge comic book nerd, so if you ever wanna spaz about 616 verses, please give me a shout. also, did i mention i would die for tony stark. that's the most important thing you need to know about me, i bleed red and gold and i would cut a bitch for iron man. besides my unhealthy love for a fictional character, i got my sidepiece, jamie. jk, she's not a sidepiece and if she sees this shit, she'll probably cut me, but yanno, i like to stir the pot. LOL. anyway, jamie is my soulmate, my hoe, my best friend, and basically my other half. so if for some reason you need to reach me, and i'm not responding, jamie is the best way to get in contact with me. she's also my sexretary, and her work hours are between 12am-12am, Monday through Sunday.
aesthetics admin "give me a smooch for good luck, i might not make it back."
hi guise, i'm jamie. one of two original creators of ignite, it's been my baby from day one, and i've never stopped falling in love with it. my wife, tana, is literally the other half of my heart. she inspires me every single day. aside from that, i'm in nursing school and work full time, both of which keep me hella busy. i'm also a big big horror buff, so if you've got something spooky to share, plz send it my way. srsly. i'll bet you all the change in my pocket you can't come up with a movie that'll scare me. current faves are tony stark + happiness, so if you're into marvel, plz hit me the fuck up. lastly, i'm always on discord, so let me know if you need anything (jamison#7656)!
advertising admin "i'm a mess"
hi friends. i'm [b]kay[/b]! a 25 year old hailing from the midwest. i'm currently studying rehab + disability services in hopes of either becoming an occupational therapist or a mental health/substance abuse counselor. i'm currently employed as the director of an independent living unit as well. i'm really boring and love being alone irl. lmao i love writing on ignite and am happy to say this has been my home for almost 3 fkng years. i swear a lot and love writing angsty messy plots. i love to chat, so feel free to hmu anytime to talk abt random things. i love u all xo
ship manips admin "oh we're using our made up names, well then i am spiderman"
hello hello! i'm aaron and yes if you call me ay ay ron, i'll most likely respond because i love that key & peele 'substitute teacher' skit. i'm an incredibly awkward person but i'm pretty easy to talk to. i'm a married military member so i'm in the pacific timezone but i work night schedules. bob and tina belcher is a great way to understand who i am. if you ever need anything whether it be plots, graphics, help or if you want to geek out with me about doctor who (because i love it), feel free to hit me up on private message or on discord. (aaron#7023)
coordinating admin "You said it yourself, bitch! We're the Guardians of the Galaxy!"
hey hey everyone!! i'm marie and i'm twenty-five years old. i live in the midwestern united states where the weather constantly changes so i can't put my winter clothes away yet in summer lmao. i'm currently a junior studying for my psychology degree and one day hope to work as a counselor to troubled youth. i love reading, writing, and playing video games in my downtime. nine times out of ten, i'm playing a video game if i'm not flailing about on ignite lmao. at the moment i'm currently unemployed due to a broken ankle (it's honestly the worst), but i'm hoping to change as soon as i heal tbh. i'm a proud cat mother and i will show you pictures of my smol child if you ask tbh. i'm into a ton of different fandoms so chances are, i'm into the same thing as you! pls feel free to message me for my discord and we can seriously chat about anything, whether it's plotting, our muses, mutual interests, etc. if you don't have discord, i'm just a pm away! i adore you all and can't wait to get to know those of you that i might not know well yet!! <3
strategy admin " you rode a hammer? the hammer rode you on your back?
oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?"
hi im rad, i currently live in san francisco, and go to school for and work in human rights. it's my third year on this site and its been incredible journey; you can always find me on the site or on discord. really, i'm never too far away. in whatever free time i have im either drinking tequila, spending a sad amount of time rewatching the office (prison mike has some serious life lessons), or loving on brooklyn 99 - the most iconic show in existence. i am bisexual, desi trash and am always down to discuss bollywood. i love thor odinson; the purest sweetest softest strongest avenger. please don't hesitate to hmu on discord @rad™#4631 if you want to talk, have any questions or just want to scream about something. im always here! especially to plot; i have a very long member directory and im sure we can come up with something great. thank you and i love you.
glitter admin "I would make a great queen because I am stubborn,
if that’s what I wanted."
hey there! i'm kaytoo the last, and probably greatest, in the evolution line of kay themed admins. i work in administration in a medical university and spend most of my day ghosting the site at work. a new jersey native, i moved to ireland over seven years ago and haven't looked back since. if you need someone to give you some european guidance, let me know, at this point i've been to most of the major cities at least once, if not more than once. i love travelling, obviously, writing and generally trying to bring glitter and champagne into most people's lives. although gin has always been a new fav of mine. i'm all about the plots, angsty, fluffy, triggering, whatever so if you have an idea throw it at me! if nothing else i'd love to hear it. if you never seen to get in touch my discord it Kaytoo #6970.
khaleesi admin "public displays of affection make people uncomfortable."
what up, i'm kayla. i'm twenty-seven years old, living in the southern united states, which i h a t e - if i want to be this far south, i'd rather be by the beach, but ya know. i've been roleplaying for about 12 years, which seems like forever at this point, but i still have just as much passion for it as i did in the beginning, because coming up with angsty, amazing plots is my jam. i also love talking about anything and everything, but especially my 3 dogs (all of whom are chihuahuas, and yes i get a ton of flack for it), marvel & dc comics/movies, graphics, video games and space. i'm open to plotting and chatting with anyone, so please feel free to hit me up if you need anything at all because i love meeting new people and helping out anyone who might need it (as well as doing just about any plot you can think of)!! if you need me, my discord is galaxies#4859, or you can PM me on any of my characters!
resident trash admin "catch me outside, how bout that."
hi lovelies! my name is melissa and i'm a twenty-two year old floridian. i just graduated with my bachelor's in nursing (but if anyone has a medical emergency please call 911, 999, or whatever your country's emergency line is). i have very little free time, but when i do have it, i love playing with my frenchie matilda and of course writing with all of you! i am obsessed with trashy reality tv shows and can talk for hours about them. i'm also quite fond of murder mysteries and conspiracy theories, so please don't get me going on whether or not the us actually went to the moon in 1969 ok. if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me a pm or add me on discord melissa#5351. i can't wait to meet you all!
pirate queen admin " We're all standing up now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle."
hello my lovely ignite family! let's give this a shot, shall we? i'm mia i live in a town no one's ever heard of in empire state, but i kind of like that way. i work in the exciting world of insurance, because you know the family business - except, it's not as cool as saving people and hunting things, and that's really disappointing. i'm the worst person to ask about me, because i literally am so damn awkward about that sort of thing. i love too many things, i cry over too many feels, and i love to cause death by feels just as much. i'll probably talk about my dog way too much, or my nieces and nephews, and then there's always fandoms, comics, and video games. still forever sad i neither live aboard the serenity, nor am a pirate captain, but i've forever been born in the wrong era (my music taste is usually a couple decades old). if you ever want to hit me up to plot my discord is mockingbird#0894.
igniterptm please don't inspire or rip. we're not dribbble.
ignite your bones has been around for the last three years. offering you a beautiful, stylized roleplay experience, with a handy number of layouts and skins that change frequently. we have invested time, money, and effort into making this site as successful and big as it is; so we would appreciate it if our regular "elite" coder would stop inspiring from us.

okay, that's petty. all of us have worked our asses off for ignite and requesting that our content be respected shouldn't be a crazy concept. it isn't that difficult to be creative, look on dribble, stare at magazines -- there's a million and a half ways to find inspiration, and ignite isn't one of them. so please, stop fucking stealing from us, it's 2018.

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27 years old, prefers she/her pronouns. often found in bronx, ny. labels as pansexual and works as a/an ceo of tana.
character traits
myers briggs: infj zodiac: Leo trait: sexy mood: salty vice: pride virtue: diligence enneagram: performer posts: 128 points: 145720
belongs in: directors
open relationship; with jamie
tana's triggers incest, rape, extreme drug abuse,
tana's awards
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thompson theo james [1] theo james [2] thomas dekker thomas doherty thomas pestock tiana parker tim borrmann timothee chalamet timur simakov toby kebbell toby stephens tom budgen tom bull tom ellis tom felton tom hardy tom hiddleston tom holland tom kaulitz tom mison tom payne tom webb Tomas skoloudik toni mahfud tony thornburg torin verdone travis fimmel travis kelce tremaine neverson trevor mann trevor noah tristan wilds troian bellisario troye sivan [1] troye sivan [2] tyler hoechlin tyler posey tyler seguin will higginson willa holland willy cartier vaani kapoor vanessa hudgens varun dhawan vic mensa victoria beckham Victoria Moroles victoria justice virginia gardner vito basso wen junhui William levy william moseley wong kahei wong yukhei xavier dolan Xavier Serrano xu minghao (the8) yael grobglas yara shahidi Yasmine Yousaf yon gonzález yoon jeonghan [1] yoon jeonghan [2] younes khalaoui yovanna ventura yvonne strahovski zac efron zachary levi zander hodgson zane holtz zayn malik 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ignite your bones
posted by tana, who is 24 years old, goes by she/her pronouns, and can be reached at tana.proma. post made on May 27 2015, 10:43 PM.
25 years old, prefers she/her pronouns. often found in united states. labels as bisexual and works as a/an breaking stuff.
character traits
myers briggs: intj zodiac: Gemini trait: goofy mood: lit vice: pride virtue: kindness enneagram: romantic posts: 367 points: 270250
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not looking; freedom
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all reservations on ignite-rp will last two days! we only allow one reserve per person, at a time, unless extra reserves are purchased in the points shop.

UPDATE 8/6/17: extensions can be requested on the face claim thread. you will only be allowed one extension for free, then a second and final extension will be granted, if an incomplete app is up. if your final extension runs out before app completion, you will need to wait 6 days before trying to reserve the face again. remember to link us to your incomplete shipper.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You are not allowed to reserve faces or claim faces for another user without the expressed approval of an admin. And remember if you're changing your reserve, make another post, do not edit your previous post.

please note: posts needing corrections will be deleted within 48 hours. if you do not make the necessary corrections during that time, please be aware that your post will be considered void and you will need to repost.

update as of 5/3/18: reserves will no longer be allowed if you are currently on absence.

Keep in mind that reserves are based off of the eastern clock down below. If we notice your reserve time is off, we will make an admin edit on your post.

reservation ends 07/20
laurel thoma for kay at 4:00pm. * odeya rush for buffy at 8:15 pm. Andy Bierack for Wolfie at 11:12pm.
reservation ends 07/21
ryan kwanten for jenna at 03:41pm. garrett hedlund for kayla at 6:58 PM. vanessa morgan for paula at 07:45pm.
reservation ends 07/22
Shemar Moore for stormy at 02:26am. * aaron paul for emma at 03:18am.
reservation ends 07/23
richard biedul for kaytoo at 05:54pm.


[size=5][b]RESERVING UNTIL 00/00[/b][/size][code*]<res><x>first last</x> for <x>alias</x> at <d>00:00am/pm</d>. </res>[/code*]
ignite your bones
posted by marie, who is 25 years old, goes by she/her pronouns, and can be reached at pm for discord. post made on Oct 13 2017, 08:04 PM.
25 years old, prefers she/her pronouns. often found in los angeles, california. labels as heterosexual and works as a/an waitress.
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myers briggs: infp zodiac: Taurus trait: observant mood: anxious vice: gluttony virtue: charity enneagram: performer posts: 2 points: 2045000
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<res><x>julianne hough</x> for <x>manda</x> at <d>04:11am</d>. </res>
posted by MANDA, who is 24 years old, goes by she/her pronouns, and can be reached at discord. post made on 18 minutes ago.